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As part of our Performing Arts Program, our members are working on their next big challenge, the production of Disney’s, The Lion King…to “Circulate the circle of life in this timeless story of courage, friendship, and destiny”…and we need some volunteers to help our members make this their best on-stage performance yet (click here to see a reported sample of their Wizard of Oz production a full video on front page of website,

Day: Every Wednesday (February to June, the big day will be June 23rd)
Time: From 4:30 to 6:30 pm
Location: DSOSN Office Building, 6960 O’Bannon Drive, Las Vegas, NV 89117
Duties: Volunteers will partner with members/actors to provide support, guidance, and encouragement as they study their lines/prepare for their assigned roles, in the play.
No experience in drama/acting needed for our volunteers. Simply come to be a “supporting partner” for our members, and we will work through the rest. It would be ideal if volunteers could commit to being a part of the production team for the entire duration, and to be assigned to one member/actor. However, if this is not possible, not a problem. We can assign volunteers as available, and where necessary, rotate them from one member/actor to another, every Wednesday.

If you have time to be a part of this wonderful experience, please complete/submit this Volunteer Sheet. If you have questions, please contact Kelly (DSOSN Secretary and Director of our Volunteers Program), at (702) 443-5927, and we will work it out from there. Thanks in advance for your help/support of our members.