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Member Stories


My name is Clayton Rhodes. I am 26 years old. I was born and raised right here in Las Vegas. From very early on, my parents worked hard to make sure I was included in the community.  Growing up, I played Little League Baseball and AYSO soccer with my typical peers. I am still friends with some of my coaches.  I attended Faith Lutheran Middle School and High School where I was one of the first graduates of the Mark 10:14 Program.  There I played basketball and football as well as participating in the hand bell choir , Drama, and Applied Christianity. I went to every dance. My favorite part of high school was playing on the Varsity Football team and winning the State Championship. I wear my state ring very proudly.  After High School, I was the first person with Down syndrome to enroll at UNLV. I received a Ruby’s Rainbow scholarship that helped with the cost. In 2019, I walked across the graduation stage of UNLV’s Spring Commencement receiving my 4 year certificate from Project FOCUS.

I am currently employed at Optumcare Community Center and work 30 hours a week.I live on my own with a roommate and ride the bus to and from work.  During the pandemic, I was proud to work alongside healthcare workers at the Southwest Medical Associates Drive through vaccination clinic. I felt like I was really contributing to the community. Besides work, I love family , friends, my Bible study, eating out, X-Box, Disneyland, Tahoe, volunteering, and my dog Flint. GO DODGERS! We Will Win!