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Member Stories


Sophia is a vivacious, yet very poised young lady. She will not tell the story of her humble beginnings, without sharing her early years of growing up with her many friends from “Up For Downs” (a Down syndrome support organization in California). This was where her love to volunteer and sharing with friends started, and that passion continues today as a member of DSOSN, and as a student at UNLV Project FOCUS program. She still maintains contact with her friends from California, and frequently has Zoom/facetime chats with them.

Sophia has been a member of DSOSN since 2018, and will start her second year at UNLV in August 2022. As highlights of her first year in college, she took seven classes; was featured in the student newsletter, and she represented UNLV at a conference on disability in Washington DC (one of 10 students across the country selected for the conference). When not attending school or volunteering at DSOSN events, Sophia likes to listen to music, practice her dance moves, or spend time writing notes for her book, “The life of young girl with Down syndrome,” to be published whenever she decides it’s time to finish it. She also likes to go to the movies, or just to hang out with her dad, mom, and sisters. Sophia, an “Ambassador” of DSOSN, is inviting all her friends and supporters to join her in promoting the slogan, “I.C.U…DOUCME” #INCLUSION.”