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The FOTL is DSOSN’s signature fundraising event. It is a grand gala black-tie optional event, with live auction of elaborately decorated Christmas trees, and culminates with a four-course dinner and dance. This year’s FOTL will be held over a 3-day period at the Westgate Hotel (plus an additional day for removal and delivery of trees).

Volunteers for this event will be assigned to various tasks and functions, such as logistics, guest-registration, and greetings/hospitality on the night of the event.

While the planning team will determine (and later announce) the more specific duty assignments, the following are some general assignments for which volunteers can sign up:

November 24th 10 volunteers from 10am-6pm

November 25th 10 volunteers from 10am-4pm

November 26th 20 volunteers from 2pm-11pm

November 27th 10 volunteers from 8am-12pm

All volunteers for the FOTL must be at least 21 years of age and are requested to sign up for at least one 3-hour period on any of the dates listed above. All volunteers will receive a schedule, training, and other information regarding their functions and recommended attire, based upon the times they signed up to volunteer. For more information about volunteering for the FOTL gala event, please contact Kelly by phone at (702) 648-1990, or by email at